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We’re Novosi - a small team with a big goal: to use technology to help individuals and families heal from serious illnesses.

We’re a small team with a big goal

to use technology to help individuals and families heal from serious illnesses.

We believe that technology can be harnessed to help address many issues in healthcare including scale, affordability, efficacy and more.

Right now our attention is turned towards ways to use technology to help alleviate the problems caused by COVID-19. These include innovative ways to triage people safely, to deliver telemedicine which is secure and easy to access and ways to guarantee that populations are safe to travel and get back to work.

Finally, we’re a wholly-owned subsidiary of OSI, a company with deep roots in health information management and enterprise software development.

Dream big


Teletherapy tools have allowed therapists to continue to treat patients even in the middle of a pandemic. And every therapist we speak with tells us the same thing—teletherapy is here to stay. So what is the future of teletherapy tools?



a digital engagement experience that supports seamless, personalized workplace health and safety solutions, using APIs for immediate access to optimize use of health benefits, resources, and services and to increase communications through messaging and live agent integration.


NHR is a decentralized, fully-encrypted network that allows users to control who has access to their individual records. So the technology is transparent, but your information isn’t.


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