Technology harnessed to help

We’re Novosi - a small team with a big goal: to use technology to help individuals and families heal from serious illnesses.

We’re a small team with a big goal

to use technology to help individuals and families heal from serious illnesses.

We believe that technology can be harnessed to help address many issues in healthcare including scale, affordability, efficacy and more.

Our initiatives are a manifestation of this belief—from therapist-empowering AI, to synthetic population data generation, to telemedicine tools purpose-built for psychotherapy and more.

Finally, we’re a wholly-owned subsidiary of OSI, a company with deep roots in health information management and enterprise software development.

Dream big


TheraPro safely harnesses the power of A.I. to write your notes so you never have to write another progress note from scratch again. It’s no wonder that therapists who try TheraPro say they won’t live without it.


We help dev teams, students, researchers, healthcare organizations, and anyone else to create bulk, risk-free, realistic (but not real) synthetic healthcare data for dev, test, CI/CD, DevOps, study, research, planning, and other purposes.


TCD is the first video conferencing platform purpose-built for therapists. Designed in partnership with working therapists, TCD features a notepad, whiteboard, chat functionality, timer and more. The future of teletherapy is here now.



Digital intake solution to help companies manage risk, from workplace injuries to health screenings to liability incidents. Using technology to enable a human-centric experience for employees in need.


NHR is a decentralized, fully-encrypted network that allows users to control who has access to their individual records. So the technology is transparent, but your information isn’t.


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